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Hi Eric, how was your appointment with The Battery Guy?

Wed 2/2/2022 8:08 PM I think The Battery Guy is TERRIFIC! I appreciate the quality, knowledge, efficiency and most importantly The Honesty in which you conduct your business. Iam frequently recommending you to folks I know with golf carts. Max was a pleasure to work with on his recent visit. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Hope these positive remarks rest well with each of you. When my current batteries need replacing, in about a year, you’ll be installing the RoyPow lithium batteries in my cart. Your appreciated more than you know. Keep up the excellent work. Respectfully,

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Sat 1/29/2022 4:29 PM Gayle, the checkup on my batteries went well and I appreciate that you're working with me to lengthen the life of the set by swapping a couple out for used ones. Thanks for the

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